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The 20 fashion trends of 2020

The new year also brings us fresh air in terms of fashion; decades that return, unexpected colors that illuminate our wardrobe and new silhouettes to update your look. We bring them all (with tips to take them according to the experts) so that you can choose the ones that best suit you.

The new year is loaded with trends; some of them we had already noticed and others are really new and surprising. But something has changed from a few years ago to now: there are so many and so varied that it is difficult to establish an exhaustive list of ‘what is and what is not’. Now romantic dresses coexist with military boots, the 70s you dress one day and the next 90s inspire you more grunge, the colors mix without rules and very few are ascribed only to one style. Each one chooses and shows the ones that best match their taste and personality and, more than ever, fashion is the most fun game. However, those of us who spend hours between street style photos, we know that there are common fashion gestures that stand out and attract attention, and those are the ones we have collected here: the special bags, the total leather look, the new silhouettes of jackets and pants … If you want to take the pulse of what is coming, write down:

The blazer torera


The short jacket turns out to be the ideal tandem of high-waisted pants, bloomers and slouchy, as it allows to remove a little visual weight and stylize. Zara’s brown one has us in love.

The ‘slouchy’ is (definitely) the new cigarette

High waist and wide leg, it combines perfectly with sweaters, blouses, blazers and, of course, heels. If there is an essential in the closet right now, this is it.

The reign of the ‘pouch’

Bottega Veneta’s most successful model is declined in new colors such as gaudy and metallic. Take note: the trend will continue to be carrying the bag under your arm.

A touch of feathers

Feathers always remind us of long nights and celebrations but now, we will use them with a subtle touch in daytime clothes, to instantly elevate the look.

The cardigan

It has always been an essentially austere garment but now, worn directly on the skin and adjusted to the body, it has managed to become one of the most exuberant and desirable in the wardrobe. Combine them with high-top leather pants or midi skirts and knee-high boots.

The huge dresses will make us dream

Victorian or Disney princess aesthetics, fanciful or regal in appearance but always with an extra dose of flight and volume. Pair them with some military boots and you will have the winning formula.


It has become the garment capable of giving a ‘twist’ to all your looks; leather, suede, denim or tailored style. It will be the garment that transforms a look from approved to an outstanding one.


The new perfect trouser length will be knee length, no more, no less. Wear them with high boots, with pumps or sandals.

The Balmoral style

Because, let’s face it, ever since we saw ‘The Crown’, we’ve been wanting to emulate (even a little bit) the more traditional British style. What if we start with a headscarf?

The new ‘preppy’

Midi skirts, mules, pearls, bomber jackets … Combine elements of the past and give them the modern touch. From college aesthetics to Parisian and bourgeois style, the ‘fine girl’ but sophisticated vibe will continue to be a trend.

Total look leather

And not only in typical elements such as jackets and pants, now you will also wear it in shirts or ‘boiler suits’. The fashionable gesture? Accompany your leather pants with sandals tied above at the ankle.

The triangular bag

The small bags with geometric shapes are a trend, especially the sack type, with an oval or pyramid shape like this one. They are an original final touch to any style, perfect when your look is a simple black dress.

The layer

Another classic wardrobe garment that returns to add drama to your looks. Long, short, made of cashmere, leather and wool, like our typical Seseña. Do you join the most aristocratic garment?

Pastel washed denim

The washed jean trend can be risky, because of the SO 80s reminiscences it carries. However, in a subtle touch and in pastel colors like pink, light blue or green, it is much fresher and more current.

The triumph of the baby neck

Naif aesthetic and combined with patterned and fretwork sweaters. The baby collar seemed difficult to adopt but thanks to Danish and French prescribers, it has ceased to seem nerdy and has suddenly become the star garment to combine with high jeans, leather pants …

The rise (that does not stop) of the sleeves

Balloon, ham or bell silhouette. Of course, always XXL adding drama and a hit of effect to all your outfits.

The pink

It sloughs off its cheesy stigma to become a powerful, feminist, and resounding tone. This season we will see it in its most intense versions such as magenta, gum and ‘shocking pink’.

The minidress with volume

Puffed at hems or sleeves, with eighties or romantic tints. Decontextualize with rough or military-style boots.

The shoes from when we were little (but in an ugly version)

Do you remember the typical pepitos that we wore in our childhood? Well now they return to crown naive style outfits and put the touch a little harder thanks to its platform or rough sole. Very marked, yes, but perfect to break a look.

Caramel, toffee, cappuccino …

All the amalgam of toasted tones, traditionally associated with autumn, will now also star in spring and summer. Of course, they will do so in their softer versions and giving life to garments with minimalist lines such as those proposed by Bottega Veneta, Max Mara or Totême.

There is a trend that already began to quietly creep into our Instagram feed last season. Because it is a subtle detail, it went unnoticed by many, but those with a good nose for fashion will know that the big changes to a look lie in the smallest details, like this one. A simple and romantic gesture that consists of finishing the collar of the shirts: these are transformed into a baby collar, in a rather large format and with the occasional detail such as lace or lace.

The fault that many insiders embraced the trend without thinking, is probably due to GANNI, who proposed in his collection a poplin shirt with a baby collar that would quickly reach the wardrobes of Pernille Teisbaek or Blanca Miró.

The romantic aesthetic that the blouse exuded fit perfectly into the naive air that these instagramers usually wear, although they are experts in introducing a disruptive element to the look such as Dr. Martens boots or oversize pants. Because, precisely the grace of this garment is in surrendering to its romantic character without any kind of complex, knowing that this femininity has more to do with a grunge attitude than with kitsch.

If you like puffy dresses

We have lived a few years in fashion in which the girly aesthetic seemed to carry the cross of the corny and the little intellectual. A girl in pink with a childish image had nothing to do (in a matter of modernity) in front of a rag girl or an athleisure fan. But, fortunately, fashion moves towards diversity in all terms, and that diversity happens through being able to freely choose your outfit without giving you certain traits. Therefore, if you want, now you can dress as a goth or a princess, without necessarily pigeonholing you in a social or intellectual category.

The sample is that in recent seasons, firms admired by the industry such as Rodarte, Simone Rocha or Cecile Bahnsen (last bastion of modernity) propose in their collections an overdose of tulle, organza, transparencies and pastel colors without this causing us an embarrassment corny, rather the opposite. The Nordics, who know a bit about mixing, have no qualms about combining fantasy transparent dresses with ugly shoes or frayed jeans. A way of taking the trend adapted to our life 2.0, much more bearable and less literal.

And, if those firms are far from our possibilities, there is a much more affordable but equally appealing brand that makes it very easy for us to adopt the trend; Baum und Pferdgarten, one of the Danish favorites.

The firm, founded in 1999 by creatives Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave, offers very personal designs with a different aesthetic: tulle dresses and balloon silhouette in pastel colors, but also corduroy trousers and checked men’s jackets. A reflection of the style of the designers themselves, who extrapolate that different vision, but at the same time harmonious, in their collections.

Basic looks not so basic with a white t-shirt

A white t-shirt will always be the queen of a wardrobe. It doesn’t matter how many trends you add, or party clothes or incredible looks. If you get a white t-shirt that fits you well, that its fabric fits what you are looking for and your style and body shape, then you have a great jewel with which to play to create thousands of outfits with it. And the best thing is that although it seems the basic one that does not have more, the reality is that if you manage to subtract the casual touch and add small details, the result is the best look on the planet.

Surely you’ve thought about it a thousand times, the number of women you see in a white T-shirt and jeans and the word is underlined in your head: perfect. And he wears nothing, and yet whoever manages to make the look with jeans and a white t-shirt his weapon does so with all the success in the world. But not only that look, it is that there are many styles with which a white shirt shines or makes it shine.

A white T-shirt with a midi, long skirt, sequin skirt, tweed, denim or over a dress, under a dress, with dress pants, with shorts, with a kimono or a scarf. Nothing like the magic of details and accessories to make such a simple look impeccable. We have wanted to share some of our favorites.


Crop top, V-neck, cotton or linen … For a white t-shirt, all the other garments are an excellent pair to form a style 10. They are that basic that certainly always comes to your aid in the absence of inspiration But not so basic if you think about the amount of looks you can get with such a simple and low cost garment.

Some people think that white t-shirts are limited to very informal casual looks or only for summer outfits. But nothing could be further from the truth, and this is what the New Yorkers have shown us, who have chosen the white t-shirt as a key piece for their work looks. We have been conquered by the chosen styles, very basic, so that you can emulate it with what you already have in your closet.

Surely if we asked you now what do you think is the quintessential basic garment, you would possibly say white shirt, black pants or white shirt. Well, that’s the way it is, and we are going to focus on the last one, the white shirt. But not for those kinds of looks that you already know and wear, especially in the spring and summer months. The street style of New York continues to leave us a lot of inspiration, and mainly ideas to combine our basics while it is cold. And yes, those who know the most about fashion in New York have chosen the white t-shirt as the protagonist of their work looks, at a time when although they have to be trendy, it is cold and raining in the Big Apple. And yet, the white T-shirt is the centerpiece of their outfits, each with their own personal style and many of them, almost the majority, adding the star accessory of the season: the gold chain with large links.

With a pastel suit jacket, with jeans, with knitwear on top and with any basic non-classic look you can imagine. This is how New York fashionistas have decided to combine their very classic basic t-shirt and even with everything, their outfits shine more than any more daring or trendy bet that is seen these days in New York. It is the triumph of one of the favorite garments in our wardrobe, and above all that they do not need you to buy anything new: with the tailored suit that you already have, the jeans that best suit you or with those dress pants that always solve you one day of little inspiration.