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The trendiest swimsuit prints for summer

If you still do not buy your swimsuit for the holidays, know what prints are in trend and look fashionable this season.

Summer is synonymous with vacation and the swimsuit is the infallible piece that you cannot forget to pack to enjoy the season in full. If you haven't bought one yet, don't worry. The sales are now available and you can buy the most modern at a good price. If you are about to make a swimsuit , here is a list of the patterns that are setting trends. Take note. These prices may vary price and availability.

Animal print

The motifs that evoke the fur of feline animals will always be an excellent bet for bathing suits, especially for women with great personality who are not afraid to go unnoticed on the beach or in the pool with friends. This animal print game is from H&M. The top is available at $399.00, while the high-waisted bikini is priced at $199.00


Gold coin and chain motifs, like the ones that Gianni Versace made fashionable , are back. It is not a discreet print, on the contrary, it is inspired by baroque artistic expression, hence how ornate it could look. Despite this, it is a print coveted by celebrities that evokes wealth, excess and opulence. The list price of the top and bikini is $399.00 per piece and you can get it at Forever 21.


If you are more discreet, you can choose a model with a flower print . If you are looking for a different touch and you do not want a plain monochromatic swimsuit, the floral print will help you to upgrade your reserved personality. This Zara design is ideal, since the roses that adorn the garment are sober, while still being fun. It is currently available at a price of $199.00.


The lines that evoke sailors' uniforms are a classic in swimsuits. This Women'secret design takes up the nautical inspiration, through the colors blue and white, for this one-piece swimsuit in knitted fabric, which is on sale for only $816.00


The paisley print , or in the shape of amoebas, is the maximum reference of the Etro house. However, several brands have taken it up again, such as Polo Ralph Lauren, who launched this swimsuit with a subtle drape and ruffle at the neckline. This design is available in an orange and blue color palette for just $3,690.

Mix and match prints

If discretion is not your thing, here is an excellent option to attract attention. It is the Mix and match current , which is nothing more than the combination of patterns, which can range from lines to circles, or squares and animal print. One option is this Vince Camuto swimsuit that mixes stripes with contrasting flowers and is on sale for just $1,120.

I love America

Taking as a pretext the day of the independence of the United States (July 4), you can make yourself a swimsuit that evokes the American flag . This swimsuit blue onepiece Catamaran what reinterpreted with stars and a red edge around the piece, recreating what would be the flagship of the neighboring country. Its list price is $719.20


If you are looking to be more in tune with the beach and the jungle, then a print that evokes the foliage will allow you to be more in the mood of the holidays. This one-piece Bari swimsuit is printed entirely by palm leaves and tropical trees . As for the design of the suit, it has a net on the neckline that gives it a sexy touch. Pricing is currently $2,749.