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8 keys to combine the animal print

The  animal print  is a type of print that imitates the spots on  the skin of certain exotic animals . Those that are used the most are those that resemble the  leopard, the zebra, the giraffe, the snake or the tiger . This pattern began to be used a few years ago - specifically in the 40s - when it became popular among the women's clothing and coats of the time.

What was thought to be a trend of the moment has become a classic that does not go out of style and that can even be considered as another neutral tone that can be used in garments, footwear, accessories, hair ornaments and even in  decorated nails. Among the latter, wild nails, aleopardadas nails, brindle nails in red or even pink tones are just some of the options that you will find in the world of manicure and nail decoration.

Used well, it can be very elegant, but you have to be very clear about how to combine colors in clothes with the different animal print designs, also depending on the occasion in which we use it. Depending on the shades and the type of garments you can use it with great style both to go to the office and to go to an elegant event, but you must be very careful not to overexpose this type of pattern, so as not to look something vulgar.

Pay attention to these 8  keys to combine the animal print  with different clothes and accessories.

Colors that combine with animal print

The most classic way of using animal print and applying it to numerous models is by choosing a single element (skirt, blouses, shirts, shoes, handbag,  foulard ) and combining the rest of the elements in predominant colors. It is important to be clear about the  colors that combine with animal print.

Large or small animal prints

Remember that your height determines the size of the prints. The taller you are, the prints can be bigger. Very little ones can look very motley so be careful with that. If it is for accessories, be it  shoes, bags  or  scarves  and  scarves , you can use any size of pattern, such as sailor stripes.

Although the animal print can look very classic, it also looks exaggerated in some cases. For example,  animal print boots  must be of very good quality to look good, as well as patterned leather ankle boots or sneakers. If they are pants or dresses, having a very large print, they look excessive.

Remember that the key is to find the right balance. Not too big and excessive, not too minimalist. Animal print printing requires having a certain prominence since it is a  print with a lot of personality , but always in the right measure.

Animal print in its proper measure

If you wear a leopard print, it will look sensational as long as you know how to use it in its right measure. Wearing an  animal print shirt, pants, shoes and wallet  is a horror. If you wear a zebra shirt, tiger pants, leopard shoes and a giraffe wallet, nobody will see you, but your prints.

A touch of animal print or wearing just one piece is more than enough, and it is not at all necessary to buy whole suits of the same pattern, because we can fall into unnecessary stridency.  Combining animal print leggings with a plain top and plain  shoes would be a better idea than wearing them with a  leopard blouse , for example.

When using the animal print you have to know how to combine the garments, so that we choose one of them in print and the rest in some of the colors that most favor the type of animal print chosen.

Animal print day and night

There are some who say that the animal print is only for the night. Others say that it is better to use it in the day. We can say that girls have been seen wearing clothes of that pattern at night and they look great, and the same in the daytime hours. Also the  animal print tops with sequins  look great, as long as the rest is totally black.

The  heels  in animal print  great look both at night and day, even for the day can also opt for a bailarins. The  wallets  too, as long as the evening ones are  clutch . The snake animal print   is used a lot both day and night and looks great when chosen with taste and dressed in moderation.

There are many accessories to combine with an animal print dress that can transform it into the  perfect outfit for an evening party , such as a printed belt with black shorts and a makeup with shades in gold or brown tones.

Beware of very short or tight animal print garments

Garments that are too short or too tight, whatever the type of pattern chosen, are not always the most elegant or sexiest option, contrary to what it may seem. It is important that  the garments are different from each other , since they must be combined so that there is a certain volume and a certain movement in the shapes.

A wide skirt with a  fitted top  in animal print can look sensational. On the other hand, combining a  narrow animal print skirt  with a narrow top can look inelegant. A very tight and very short animal print dress   will not look good either. The pants must be very specific and must fit very well, because if they are very wide or leggings type  , they can be exaggerated in animal print.

If your animal print blouse is low-cut, wear classic pants and skirts that reduce the impact of the print. If the top is strapless, tight and in animal print,  hide it and never wear it .

Jeans with animal print

Animal print usually looks great with blacks and browns, but also with jeans. Try not to be your  most used jeans , which are probably already frayed and / or faded, but rather look for them to be less formal jeans than usual and in a dark color, so that the pattern acquires more prominence.

For example, a jean with an animal print blouse and high-heeled sandals looks great. A neutral colored skirt and animal print top with a  jean jacket add  a casual tone to the outfit. You can even see girls with dark jeans, top and black shoes along with  animal print jackets  that look great on them. If you want to know  how to combine an animal print blouse and jeans,  you just have to remember one tip: combine it with plain clothes and accessories. The color you choose will depend on your taste and the style you want to wear.

White, light blue and beige in animal print

For the day,  a total look in white, light blue or beige looks great with an animal print top . For example, wear white pants and jacket with a zebra top, red shoes and a black purse. You can also combine a leopard blouse with a  pencil skirt  and beige sweater. Both options combined with a snake top will look very elegant and appropriate.

The  combinations with animal print  give a touch of  joy and liveliness  to an outfit very dull, but in these cases it is better to opt for the most consistent patterns to these two important colors in the attire of a woman: the zebra and snake print mainly.

Combine the animal print with a single color

There are dresses that  combine the animal print with a flat color  and they look great. For example, a dress with an animal print front and black or brown sides, slims and attracts attention simultaneously. A jacket and even a coat with black sleeves and animal print front can look interesting. And if you have wondered  how to combine animal print shoes , you will see that there are many purses and shoes that also combine the two textures, so that there is  a touch of animal print  and nothing else.

For example, you can opt for some brindle shoes with the toe cap in black or brown, or a bag with a zebra print on the front, and the rest in black or white leatherette.

Combining animal print clothing is no science, but you should know these little tricks. Learn to  combine the animal print  and wear it with pride. Mind you, never ever use real animals. You should always use imitations , as with  leather , since we do not need to sacrifice the life of any living being to see ourselves beautiful and fashionable.

In addition, today fashion has been busy creating a design with a texture and an appearance so similar to real skin, that for little money we will get to wear a garment in the most chic animal print.